Gold Flexible Glue Gun Sealing Wax - 7 Sticks

  • Fast & Easy to use - up to 10x Faster than using traditional (with wick) Sealing Wax!
  • Each stick makes 10-15 wax seals (if a 3/4inch diameter seal stamp is used)
  • Flexible and Mailable; No wick, no soot, no mess to deal with!
  • Use in any brand of Low-Temperature Full-Size (standard size) Glue Gun.
  • Each stick is approximately 3 3/4 inches long x 7/16 inch diameter
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Sticks are made of flexible sealing wax and molded to fit into a Full-Size (also known as Regular Size, NOT Mini) glue gun. You don t use a flame, there will be no soot in your finished wax seals, and using glue gun wax can be up to 10x faster than using traditional sealing wax with a wick! This wax is FDA certified for direct contact with food and can be used on wine, vinegar, food bottles and labels. (This product is in compliance with Federal Regulations 21CFR- 172.886 and 21CFR-178.3710.) This wax is hand-poured in the U.S.A. Each stick is approximately 3 3/4 inches long by 7/16 inch diameter, and will make 10-15 wax seals when using a 3/4 inch diameter wax seal stamp. (The number of wax seals you get per stick may vary, depending on your technique and the size of your seal stamp.) **We recommend using a Low-Temperature full-size glue gun, or a dual-temperature full-size glue gun set to Low Temperature. Sticks can also be melted in a melting pot and the melted wax poured onto your project using a Wax Melting Spoon.**
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