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3D EeZ 3D Printing Accessories

Quick Overview

  • 3D printing skin

  • Anti lifting

  • Anti curling

  • Filament adhesion

  • 3D printers

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3D-EeZ allows makers and engineers to use a wide range of materials without losing builds to warping, shrinking, or curling. 3D-EeZ has been formulated for use with fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printers. 3D-EeZ is better for the environment. Tapes and spray-on coatings can only be used a handful of times, at best. 3D-EeZ films have been tested for more than 20 prints per application. One expert user, rich rap, reported up to 120 prints on a single 3D-EeZ film. With better builds, 3D-EeZ leads to less filament material waste by eliminating lifting, curling, and other common FFF build challenges. 3D-EeZ is non-toxic. No aerosols, no harmful vapors, no toxic chemicals. 3D-EeZ provides a flexible solution. You only need to apply 3D-EeZ to the area where you will be building (greater efficiency). If the 3D-EeZ surface becomes damaged, you can repair it with more 3D-EeZ, or by wiping the surface with a damp sponge. You can also remove the film and apply a fresh film of 3D-EeZ. 3D-EeZ can be applied to metal, kapton tape, acrylic or glass build plates. 3D-EeZ is re-usable, but not permanent. Many retrofit, permanent, one-size-fits-all build plate materials have been developed. They all suffer from the same issue: after extended use or in the case of a damaged surface, they need to be replaced. You can print on 3D-EeZ for many, many builds or one build. 3D-EeZ protects your solid build surface (glass, metal, or acrylic) from scratches or damage from an extruder that is too close to the build platform. 3D-EeZ can even improve your print quality on build surfaces that have been damaged. What materials can I use? 3D-EeZ has been tested and proven to work with the following filament materials: ABS pet PLA nylon polyester PLA composites (XT-CF20, bronze fill, wood Fill, etc.) Recycled ABS & pet.

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