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We are the first and only one-stop-shop for all sewing related products in the UAE and MENA region. Shopping on our platform brings you unparalleled convenience and value-for-money. Never has been sorting for sewing materials this easy. Compare multiple brands all in one place. Select the best machines and features in just a few clicks. Shop with the best prices, all year long, guaranteed!

Who We Are

Our team is composed of professional industry experts with a remarkable 30 years of sewing proficiency and expertise. Our sincere passion to propagate the love for sewing has been our primary motivation to start this unique initiative.

Our mission is to provide a definitive shopping portal for all sewing lovers and enthusiasts; establish a fun, creative, and engaging sewing community where camaraderie and teamwork is always seen and felt.

Our vision is to provide an ecosystem for tailors, designers, and sewists to be able to create, share, shop, and interact in the most seamless and most convenient way possible.