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Unleash your creativity.

You’re serious about sewing – and now, with the Innov-is XV, you can invest in your talent. Everything’s easier, faster and more intuitive than ever. See exactly where the needle will drop. Convert scanned images to embroidery data in just a few seconds. Add stippling embroidery where you like.


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Notable Features:

  • Large 10.1" high-resolution IPS LCD touch screen.
  • Improved intelligent camera eye system for even easier embroidery positioning.
  • New line art recognition system – simply draw your design on paper, scan into the Innov-is XV and embroider your design.
  • High-precision embroidery – best ever embroidery quality.
  • Scan and stippling function – create and sew intricate stippling patterns from your own drawings with image scan by the built-in camera or from the built-in templates.

New High-resolution Screen

The Innov-is XV comes with a new 10.1" high-resolution touch screen that makes editing your embroidery so much easier. There’s also an improved user interface, with better on-screen design editing features.

Along with a new, even faster processor, we’ve added a super-large embroidery area for maximum convenience.

LCD Touch Screen

Professional Sewing Features:

  • Lock stitch key – at the touch of a button, tie-off stitches can be sewn at the beginning and end of the stitch. When pressing the lock stitch key while sewing a decorative stitch, the machine will stop automatically after completing the motif.
  • ICAPS – helps to ensure consistent stitch length on all fabric thicknesses by keeping the presser foot pressure consistent, regardless of fabric thickness.
  • Edge sewing sensor – detects the edge of fabric to ensure uniform stitching at the desired distance from the edge of the fabric, even on curves.
  • Laser line guide – next-generation laser line guide system projects a perfect straight line onto your fabric. Simply guide your fabric along the line for straight sewing. Ideal for hems, piecing, pin tucking or cording.
  • Direct dual-drive – this advanced foot allows you to feed an array of fabrics such as denims or silks with ease. The motor-driven dual drive foot can be directly adjusted from the touch screen to accommodate different fabrics.
  • Ultrasonic pen – works with sensors in the Innov-is XV to set the straight stitch needle position, to set the start and end point for your stitches and can also be used to adjust the width of zigzag and decorative stitches.
  • My custom stitch – allows you to create your own stitch designs directly onto the LCD touch screen. Includes more than 40 built-in stitch templates.


Sewing Features

Features and Functions:

Features and Functions

Features and Functions

Auto Stippling

With the Innov-is XV, you can easily add stippling embroidery wherever you like. You’ll achieve uniform results (unlike free-motion stippling which relies on having a good technique).

Simply hoop the fabric and choose the area where you want the stippling effect to appear. Select the stippling stitch and watch as your chosen area automatically fills with your stippling pattern.

With the Innov-is XV, you’ll enjoy professional results every time.

Auto Stippling   Auto Stippling

Line Art Recognition

Prepare to be amazed. An inspiring new feature on the Innov-is XV is its ability to recognise line art. That means you can automatically create beautiful embroidery from hand-drawn designs, such as graffiti, pattern templates or even your signature.

You simply use pen and paper to draw the outline, then put the paper on the scanning frame. The camera scans and recognises it. It’s then automatically turned into embroidery data on the Innov-is XV.

You can also trace graphics with a pen to create running embroidery just like free motion quilting. The Innov-is XV will convert a scanned image to data in seconds. Free-motion quilting normally takes lots of practice, but we’ve made it foolproof.

Line Art Recognition   Line Art Recognition   Line Art Recognition

Colour Shuffling

The enhanced Colour Shuffling function makes it easy to choose new colour schemes for embroidery designs. Select from Random, Gradient, Vivid and Soft styles and a range of colour combinations will be displayed on screen. Simply select your preferred option and embroider the design.

Now you can also choose your preferred starting colour and the Innov-is XV will generate complementary colour combinations based on your favourite colours.

Color Shuffling


With the autopunch feature, you can now automatically turn scanned images or jpeg clip art into embroidery data.

Simply import a jpeg clip art image via memory stick, or use the scanning frame to scan an image. The Innov-is XV will recognise the illustration and automatically translate it into embroidery data.

No computer required

Your sewing machine won’t need to be hooked up to a computer. It’s fast, fun, simple and convenient.


Powerful Editing Features

The many built-in embroidery designs can be customised to your preferences – combine them, change their size, rotate them, repeat them, add lettering and change colours.

Powerful Editing

My Design Centre

My Design Centre allows you to design your own embroidery designs quickly and easily, directly on the Innov-is XV touch screen.

This powerful and unique feature allows to create your own embroidery designs from clip art images files or draw directly on the large touch screen.

My Design Centre

Hundreds of decorative and utility stitches all built-in, including:

  • 5 fonts with a total of 840 alphabetical characters
  • Decorative stitches – 577 stitches
  • Utility stitches – 149 stitches
  • Total – 1,566 stitches


Built-in Stitches


Note : Its a display piece.

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