Brother S-7300A-403/PFL-NEXIO Single Needle Lockstitch Direct Drive with Auto Trimmer & Auto Foot Lifter

The World's first lockstitch sewing machine which adopts the Electronic Feed Control directly connected with a stepping motor.
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The brand name is derived from the words "NEXT" and "SOCIETY", combining our vision to drive a new era of industry change with continual dedication to innovative product development, as well as our continued company commitment to forging strong customer relationship by being "At your side.".

Brother introduces the first lockstitch industrial sewing machine which incorporates an electronic feed system connected directly to a stepping motor. The feed motion can be changed according to sewing materials, allowing suitable stitches on various work without having to make mechanical adjustments.

When the built-in sensor detects material thickness difference, the feed motion and sewing speed is automatically changed for that thickness. 

Easier operation with a stable sewing pitch so even unskilled operators can carry out quality stitching.

Needle breakage is serious problem in sewing factories and Brother sewing machines can help to provide a solution by incorporating a needle breakage prevention function.  With the electronic feeding system, it controls the timing motion of needle and feed dog while stitching which helps to reduce needle breakage. 

Brother S-7300



-303P, -403P

Lubrication type

Minimum lubrication


Medium materials

Max. sewing speed

Stitch length 4mm and under : 5,000 sti/min
Stitch length 4mm and above : 4,000 sti/min

Max. Back tacking speed

3,000 sti/min

Max. stitch length


Presser foot height

Presser bar lifter: 6mm,  knee lifter: 13mm

Needle bar stroke


Needle (DBx1?DPx5)

#11-#18 (Nm75-110)

Height of feed dog





AC servo motor

Power supply


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