CLOVER Embroidery Hoop Stand

Hands-free stand for stitching with the embroidery stitching tool. No need to hold the hoop; this stand allows trouble free embroidery with the embroidery stitching tool. Fits small (4 3/4-inch) and large (7-inch).

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(Fits both 4 3/4" & 7" Clover hoops) This clever Clover embroidery hoop stand can be used with either the 7" Clover locking embroidery hoop or the 4 3/4" Clover hoop. Just flip it over to change the hoop size! This hands-free stand helps you do punchneedle embroidery with the Clover Embroidery Stitching Tool or any other punchneedles. Just hold the hoop in the stand lightly with one hand while punching with the other. Your punchneedle will not bump into the table beneath the stand, and your hands won't tire from gripping the hoop.

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