Custom Drum Carder Belt - B Cord

Available in 2 thicknesses and any length.

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Available in 2 thicknesses and any length.

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Custom Drum Carder Belts

Price shown is per inch!
We can fabricate a new drum carder belt to any length. This material is available in 2 thicknesses - Option 1 is about 1/4" (.25") and Option 2 is little more than 1/4" (.312").

To order:
Select quantity in inches and round up - If your drum carder belt is 16.5" select quantity = 17. 
Please call or email us with your order number with your requested measurement.  Ex. " Please cut my belt to 16.5 inches use the .25" size."

How to measure:
If your band is missing, shattered, or stretched out, use this simple method for measuring for a new one: using a stout piece of cording or clothesline, wrap the cord around the pulleys in the path that it is supposed to follow. Mark where the cord overlaps, lay it flat and measure. Voila! If you are very cautious and want to fuse it yourself, add 1" and ask for it un-fused; you can cut and get a custom fit that way.

CAUTION: These are custom made belts. Please measure the entire length of the belt.  This is easy to do if the belt is broken - but if it is missing a little tougher. Please call us if you not sure.  Custom made belts are not returnable.

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