Glimakra Victoria Table Loom

The Victoria loom is a great workshop loom. This loom can be a table loom, or it can have legs and treadles added.

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Glimakra Victoria Table Loom

(Shown with Optional Table Loom Legs)

The Victoria loom is a great workshop loom. This loom can be a table loom, or it can have legs and treadles added.


  • 4 Shafts
  • 27 inch (70 cm) Weaving Width
  • 500 Texsolv Heddles
  • Boat Shuttle
  • Reed
  • Lease sticks
  • 24 Warp Sticks
  • Texsolv Tie Up Kit
  • Complete Instructions.

Table looms are used for learning as they are portable enough to put into a car to take to a workshop. You can order the legs and treadles to make weaving with a table loom more comfortable. Table looms are a good way to learn to weave, either on your own or by taking them to workshops.  They are designed for learning, demonstrating, sampling and for spending time with other weavers at workshops.  Table looms are useful for learning to weave if you are not ready to purchase a floor loom.

Optional - Table Loom Legs

Adding legs to your table loom allows you to sit while you weave.  When you add legs to your table loom, find a bench or stool which is the right height for you. It should be adjustable in height from about 20″ – 26″ in height, depending on the height of the breast beam of the loom. See the photo.

Optional - Table Loom Treadles

Treadles can be added to a table loom. Having treadles on a table loom makes weaving progress more comfortably and quickly, freeing your hands for the weaving. Having lamms for attaching the treadles gives the advantages of being able to tie up more than one shaft to a treadle, otherwise, you use two feet for treadling. The legs and treadles should be remove-able even with a warp on the loom if you want to use the loom as a table loom.  This makes it easier to transport the loom and set it up at a workshop. Most table looms with legs can be moved and assembled by one person.


If you will only weave on the loom at workshops, you rarely will need more than 18″ weaving width. But if you want to weave on the loom at home, or if the table loom will be your only loom, you may want a wider weaving width. When selecting a table loom, don’t skimp on the depth of the loom, which should be at least 27″ to 29″ in depth. The depth is necessary to get a good shed, consistent tension and an even beat.

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