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WILCOM® Hatch Embroidery Software - Digitizer

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Manually digitize your own designs with Hatch Embroidery Digitizer.

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The complete all-rounder embroidery experience, Hatch Embroidery Digitizer takes machine embroidery to the next level allowing you to digitize embroidered designs from scratch!

Choose from many fill and outline types and customize your designs with precision control for ultimate originality!

Finally, home embroidery software that can give you professional looking results using resources that are modeled on existing Wilcom digitizing features.

Look at just a few of the many features you get in Hatch Embroidery Digitizer.

  • Manual Digitizing with professional quality results
  • Auto-Digitize 8 different ways with just a few clicks
  • Tatami and fill stitch types
  • Outline/Run stitch types
  • Digitize, fill and remove holes
  • Backtrack and repeat stitching
  • Branch objects
  • Applique' creativity tools
  • World class professional lettering – 86 digitized fonts included
  • Break Apart tool for lettering, monograms and objects
  • Create quality monograms – over 60 professional templates included
  • Knife tool
  • Freehand
  • Create and use Motif fill and run
  • Ambiance quilting
  • Color blending


Browse / Open Designs

An integrated approach to managing designs, giving you complete control over where your files are and how you maintain them. Use the built-in "Embroidery Library" to organize your embroidery designs for easy searching and browsing - no need to search your entire drive.

Convert Design Formats

Convert your outline or stitch files with the click of a button so you have maximum accessibility. Use the files straight from your embroidery library and save them to and from the .EMB format. Supports PCS, PES, VIP, JEF, SEW, DST, EXP and many more!

Manage Design Files

Keep track of all your file folders and locations within your "Embroidery Library".

Manage Colors

Take control of the thread colors in your design with your choice of 128 different color options in your Design Palette.

Change Colors

Change your thread color easily and quickly. You can re-color entire blocks, picking and apply colors from the design, recycle colors within the existing design palette and choose new base colors. You can also assign thread colors, pre-set design colors and change entire color schemes within your Thread Manager.

Optimize Stitch Settings

Optimization features help avoid common mistakes like puckering and gaping. Using "auto-fabrics", you can choose the fabric you will be sewing onto and Embroidery Basics will optimize stitch type, color changes and suggest stabilizers in order to minimize damage.

Customize Display

Customize background colors, articles and fabrics to view your design in different settings. Then, get a realistic idea of what your end product will look like by placing your design onto a specific article of clothing, for example a cap or cotton t-shirt.

Save, Print, Capture Designs

Use the "print preview" feature to view your design displays as it will be printed and choose your preferred print options and formats – the default type is the "design worksheet". Capture and send screen images in PNG formats with TrueView or the viewing program of your choice.

Export to Machine Formats

Our world leading EMB format allows the most accurate editing of your design. You can then export your designs to your preferred format corresponding with the embroidery machine of your choice.

Create Monograms

Create your own one-of-a-kind mark and customize your personal monograms. Choose to create either monogrammed designs or text. Start by using a pre-designed base template which you can modify or create one from scratch. Stylize your design with one of the 22 layouts. Most fonts have special characters and symbols.

Add Lettering

Using a built-in "Embroidery Library", Monogrammer Add-on makes it simple to add custom lettering to your designs. Select from the 60 included fonts or convert your own TrueType or OpenType fonts.

Edit / Reshape Letters

Adjust your lettering width to make it bolder or slant them to give an italicized look. Spread your letters apart with the spacing tool. Edit your lettering using the "Select and Re-Shape Object" tool. Manipulate your lettering in multiple ways right on screen including: adjusting spacing, scaling lettering, and reshaping your letters to create your own personalized design.

True Type Fonts

Select from the 60 included fonts or convert your own TrueType or OpenType fonts. Adjust your lettering width to make it bolder, or slant them to give an italicized look. Spread your letters apart with the spacing tool.

86 Professionally Digitized Fonts

Wilcom is famous for their professional lettering which comes from professionally digitized fonts. Choose your own fonts from a collection of 60 fonts included with the Monogrammer that can also be used for lettering. Most fonts are available in upper and lower case as well as special fonts and characters. Each font has a recommended minimum and maximum size in the online documentation to ensure the best outcome when working with that specific style.

Optimize Colors

Optimize color changes for the most efficient stitch out results giving you that professional feel.


If a design is too large the software will split it into sections. Each section (with its own hoop) can then be stitched separately. Layout Editor Add-on gives you multiple options to ensure that your final design is aligned properly. Adding registration marks, saving multi-hooped designs and sending multi-hooped designs straight to machine are a number of features that can be utilized to ensure proper alignment.

Edit Designs

Layout Editor Add-on is one of the most powerful tools and essential for the creatives. Edit objects, stitches, object properties, include specialized button holes, print your layout and much more.

Resequence Objects / Colors

Scale, rotate and skew objects according to your vision. Layout Editor Add-on ensures that the stitch count also reflects these alterations to ensure the original stitch density is preserved. Eg, create a t-shirt logo and then simply adjust to fit onto a cap.

Auto Digitizing

Convert artwork to embroidery automatically. The Auto-Digitizing Add-on software recognizes various bitmap and vector shapes in artwork and automatically chooses the most suitable stitch type to use, the closest join and best stitching sequence. Simply select the image and then click the tool and the software does the work for you.

Prepare Artwork

Artworks can be inserted into Hatch by pasting, scanning or simply using the insert option. Use these artworks as digitizing templates or backdrops.

Link to Corel Draw*

If Corel Draw Graphics Suite or Essentials X6 are installed, there are a few additional features available. Convert a larger range of artwork files from Corel. Auto-trace vectors. Convert embroidery files to a vector format.

Manual Digitizing

Create new designs or turn your existing designs into something extra special with professional quality results. Digitize objects from scratch and customize these designs using some classic, well-loved functions such as "curved fills" and "gradient fills" with none of the complexity of standard digitizing software.

Fill / Run Shapes

Preset tools help digitize faster and more efficiently. Select from a number of fill and Tatami stitch types as well as outline or run stitches.

Digitizing Tools

The Digitizer toolbox provides all the tools necessary to create embroidered shapes. Tools such as Freehand can be used to create designs with a hand-drawn appearance, something which is difficult to achieve through conventional digitizing methods. Special tools for cutting holes, removing excess stitching as well as filling holes. Stabilize large areas and reinforce outlines. Branching allows for overlapping objects without having to think about efficient stitch sequencing and joins.

Create Applique'

All the applique' tools you need. Simple, partial and combine applique' along with the ability to break apart applique' components.


Check that your PC meets the system requirements. Check CPU/RAM as well as hard disk space. The table below provides minimum system requirements.

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