Jack H2 Walking Foot (Direct Drive) Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine

This Jack H2 Walking Foot (Direct Drive) Lockstitch Straight Stitch Industrial Sewing Machine is a great heavy-duty sewing machine with a built-in direct drive. It is used for heavy material, such as leather, curtains, car trimming, jeans, tents, bouncy castles, bags, rubber material. It has an adjustable speed which can be changed through the dial on the side, which is very handy!

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Another great feature is direct drive, meaning there are no vibrations, which is a lot less stressful and a lot easier for you to sew with concentration Also, the fact that this machine has direct drive means it has an automatic needle position, which allows you to choose if the needle will end in an upright position, or if it will end in the lowest position possible, depending on your choice. Most sewing machine operators have the needle being in the lowest position as it allows them to easily change their direction of sewing without using the balance wheel, also, when you finish your bar tack all you need to do is apply pressure with your heel to the bottom of the pedal, the needle automatically goes up, meaning after you lift up the presser foot, you can take out your material without fiddling with the balance wheel.

Straight Stitch
Walking Foot
Direct Drive (Electronic) Internal Motor
Needle Position Up & Down Function
Adjustable Speed Control on Switch
Integral Bobbin Winder
Built In LED Light
Self Oiling
Sewing Speed (2500 spm)
Adjustable Stitch Length (0 – 8mm)
Presser Lift Height (6mm/13mm)
Needle Bar Stroke (37)
Knee Lift
Reverse/Back Tack
Needle System (135×17)
Single Phase 240v 13 amp (can be used at home)

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