JACK JK-E3-5-M2-55 Five Thread Over Lock Machine

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  • 71 % Power Saving.Use servo motor, compare with normal overlock,much safety and less maintenance,every year it saves 446KW/H.If per KW/H cost 1 RMB,totally it saves 459 RMB per year.
  • Optimized thread take-up mechanisms. Optimization for the system of thread take-up mechanisms to adjust the thread picking at different time.make sewing stitch more perfect. Only adjust tension devices is enough.
  • Fully enclosed needle bar oil return device. Fully enclosed needle bar oil return device, blocking oil pollution,Clean and durable. Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Integrated handwheel design. The hand wheel is designed with fingerprint and big fan,low noise,which makes the motor cooling effect better and the machine easy to operate.
  • Easy operation,quick response. Common parameter introduction is on the panel.Even new operator can quick start. Operate easily and response quickly.
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