Janome Digitizer Pro v4.5 MBX

In combination with Wilcom International, the leading industrial stick software, so he Janome now the new software MBX. This program combines a simple user interface with an exciting new feature that give you the freedom to create creative embroidery designs available. Build, modify, mix - and all this in a screen, you'll be amazed at how easy design featuring the new Janome Digitizer MBX room that exceeds their individual requirements. The digitizer MBX is the Janome's first pattern programme, it won't let you perfectly coordinated image editing have, Corel Draw essentials X5 converts software a real power package with great pattern results. Digitize as child's play whether fully automatic, semi auto or manual, there are you all the opportunities. Choose from New filling Fekten - such as with cross-stitch or stippl ing - Give S

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This update is intended for customers that upgraded to MBX Digitizer v4.5 from Digitizer 10k / Pro / MB v.1, v.2, v.3 / Jr. 3.0, using the "Digitizer Upgrade Kit". The "Digitizer Upgrade Kit" did not include "Cross Stitch" under the "File" menu.
This problem has been fixed.

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