JK-ShirleyIIE Computerised Lockstitch Sewing Machine

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JK-ShirleyIIE Computerised Lockstitch Sewing Machine

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High speed direct drive integrated computerized lockstitch sewing machine

Automatic digital control panel.

High speed, direct drive integrated computerized lockstich machine with built in presser foot lifter

Automatic lubrication and higher presser foot.

Particular appearance and key places assembled with high precision parts, equipped with compound panel cushion, which guarantee no oil leaking even without gum. It' s applicable to sew different kinds of thin,moderate materials. Besides, automatically oil adding lubrication system proves it' s an excellent endurable sewing machine.


Stop needle upper / lower position , servomotor built ! Direct Drive! Backlight LED Lamps, Shuttle, Shaft, Gears. Automatic lubrication system . Application: For Sewing Light - Medium-Heavy Fabrics. 


Type of needle DBx1
Stitch length 5 mm
The height of the foot 3/8in
Maximum sewing speed 4500 rpm/min
Lubrication System



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