LongMing 24Nm/2 Double-ply Cashmere Wool Blended Yarn, Soft, Warm,Crafts, Knitting, High Elasticity, Anti-pilling

  • 24Nm/2 double-ply yarn, medium fine thread. 55% cashmere, 20% wool, 12% rabbit hair, 8% polyester, 5% anti-pilling fiber. Available for 2.5-mm knitting needle and 8-9-mm crochet hook
  • Suitable for knitting sweaters, hats, scarves, gloves, or anything else you like. It will satisfy all your knitting needs. please remember to knit with two yarns plaiting together
  • Roughly, 300-350g of the laceweight or 4ply should make a pullover and 700g should be enough for a twinset, Amounts below 200g are better for scarves, gloves, baby clothes etc
  • Since the yarn containing 12% rabbit hair, its suede is longer and richer. The garment made from it is very gorgeous, the appearance of which is even better than pure cashmere products. Yarn has high stretch resistance performance with absolute strength. Garment made from it won't shrink or transform. Generally speaking, its cost efficiency is better than that of pure cashmere
  • The yarn is 50g/1.76 ounce net. The length of 1 gram is 13.12yd (12m) for a total of 656 yd (600 m), Origin: China, Inner Mongolia, Ordos
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The product include cashmere yarn, knitting method(printed on A4 papers) ,2.5-mm needles, special cashmere milling lotion and cashmere softener. These two lotions are specifically made for cashmere products, which contain gentle and soft ingredients, go deeply into the fabric and straighten out its texture to make the clothes soft, smooth and anti-pilling.

Cashmere milling lotion(XI SUO JI):
It s non-ionic surfactant and has neutral PH value. If correctly used, it can effectively prevent shrinking, enhance its elasticity, make the clothes antibacterial, mothproof, anti-pilling and static-free.

Cashmere softener(ROU RUAN JI):
It s organic silicon polymer and is weak cation. If correctly used, it can make the textiles soft, smooth and static-free. This softener would also make the clothes crisp, wrinkle-free and don t need ironing.

After successfully knitting a garment, the first step is milling and the second step is softening.

How to use the milling lotion:
1. Filled the wash machine with warm water, about 35-40 centigrade, mix the water with a bag of milling lotion.
2. Put the garments in the water and soak it for 15 minutes, and then use the washing machine to gently rub it for 10-15 minutes (depends on your demands to the suede), the water has to stay around 40 centigrade.
3. Clean up the garment and dry it.

How to use the softener:
1. Put 3L water in the container, the water should be around 25 centigrade, mix the water with a bag of softener.
2. Soak the garment in the water for around 20 minutes, then turn the garment over and soak for another 20 minutes.
3. Dry the garment, wait the garment to be natural dry and use steam iron to make it smooth.

1. Store it in shady and cool places, don t expose it to the sun.
2. Don t pour it directly on the clothes.
3. Put it away from the children to prevent eating.
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