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Maqi-LS 900-4 Four-Thread Super High-Speed Overlock Sewing Machine

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Maqi LS 900-4 Four-Thread Super High-Speed Overlock Sewing Machine

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LS 900-4/BE6-40H
Super high-speed four thread overlock sewing machine
LS 900-4-TGC/BE6-40H
Super high-speed four thread overlock sewing machine
(with electronic trimmer ring and cloth device)
Application: nomal sewing,, applies to knit clothes, underwear, t-shirt, silk, fiber, on.button electronic trimmer
device make the ring and the cloth cutting more easier.
LS 900-4/BE6-44H
super high-speed four thread overlock sewing machine(with inlayed stripe)
Application: inlayed stripe seaming, with special stripe presser foot and belt director. make the machine very
fluently and stable when it works. It suitable for any light materials, middle heavy stripe of the cloths.
LS 900-4/BE6-207
Super high-speed four thread overlock sewing machine for light material.
Application: normal seaming, it suitable for light, middle heavy and heavy material and the diagonal material.
LS 900-4/DF6-50F
Super high-speed four thread overlock sewing machine( wide needle gauge)
Application: normal seaming, special loop device make the stitch length 2mm, it suitable for the middle heavy materia
l and heavy material like any knit and jeans.
1.the integral construction of the machine body made the working of machine more stable.
2.Adopt HR silicon cooling device to fall the temperature of needle, avoid the thread breakage and the melting of the
cloth to insure the stability of the stitch.
3.Completely sealed direct drive needle bar adopted to insure the high-speed and the endurance. Compulsory reverse
oiling device added in needle part to avoid the leakage.
4.Micro adjusting devices added in leverage differential adjustment and presser foot lifting parts for ideal adjustment to
ensure the beauty in stitch.
5.Fine design in needle board structure to avoid the split of the materials when sewing and ensure the fluency in feeding
and stability of the stitch.
6.Smooth and fluent feeding during operation high speed, refined the needle bar and feed-dog to avoid return of the press
-foot when cutting the cloth.
7.Add oil filter device to improve the purity of oil and ensure enough oil of all the parts.
8.Extra operation space to ensure the comfort, convenience in operation and the beauty of the stitch



 Number of needles                                     2

 Number of thread                                        4

Differential fabric feed                               0.7-2 mm 

automatic machine lubrication type.        yes

Stitch Length                                               4.5 

Stitch Width                                                 4 

Sewing speed                                            6000 st.min. 
The height of the lifter                               6 mm 
type for light and medium fabrics fabric.


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