Naomoto Electric Steam Iron ASL-621

Naomoto Electric Steam Iron ASL-621
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Electronic thermostat

Built-in IC thermostat Nomoto of its own.

Depending on the material can ensure a fine temperature control.

Polyurethane handle

It is wearing a snug contoured curves have the easy-to-handle.

Material is a urethane specs off the heat. Iron can smooth handling is easy on friendly design.

Flat back

A simple design temperature setting dial is flat, no-snag.

Is a nice design dial does not move freely.

Good balance

Good design was born, utilizing new materials high-tech,

Supple, easy to use very low in height for comfort.

Effortless worksurface for a long time.

Thermal-insulation Board

Hands are not hot insulation thermal plate.

Kind designed for active safety

Steam control

Easy steam regulation by swing, push a feather touch expressions enables steam control trace amounts of materials to suit.

Open cut

Finishing details, such as cuffs and collar no front support handle, so you can effortlessly. 


[Main specifications] 


Voltage: 100V/200V V 

Electrical capacity: 1000 W/800 W 

Weight :2.4kg 

Base: Thuram machining

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