Pegasus M832-355-3x2x4 6-Thread Safety Stitch Machine

Pegasus M832-355-3x2x4 6-Thread Safety Stitch Machine M800 development offers higher speed of up to 7000 rpm and ensures higher productivity.
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  • Fully enclosed needle bar casing, like MX and EX- series and the vacuum suction of the oil ensure o reduced noise from needle bar at high speeds o no excessive oil in the needle bar area.

  • Improved oil gaskets on oil pan and top cover, with “M” shaped O-ring

  • Rustproof coated gauge parts to protect against fabric with chemical treatments and moisture

  • 3 oil seals are used on the feed dog bars

  • An additional adjustment to the sewing condition is possible with

    • The high position
    • Or down position of the presser bar hinge mechanism
  • Improved ease of operation & maintenance

    • Manually adjustable presser foot pressure
    • Differential ratio adjustable from outside
    • Movable needle guards
    • Colour marked thread guides for easy and simple threading
    • Tilt adjustment of feed dog bars from the outside


No.of needles 2
No.of threads 6
Max.stich length (mm) 3.8
Presser foot lift (mm) 5.5 
Max speed (sti/min) 6500
Needles DCx27 #14(90)
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Price AED4,725.00
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