PFAFF Quilt Ambition 2.0 Computerized Sewing & Quilting Machine

Take a closer look into the stitch repertoire of the PFAFF® Ambition™ line sewing machines and discover the difference. Up to 201 stitches to turn all your ideas into reality.

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➜ The Original IDT™ System
➜ Large Sewing Space
➜ Large, High Resolution Touch Screen
➜ Bobbin Thread Sensor
➜ 201 stitches

Original IDT ™ System (Integrated Dual Feed)

Absolutely even fabric feed from both the top and the bottom. The original IDT ™ System is ideal for the quilter and sewer! The original IDT ™ System works with any stitch in forward or reverse at any stitch length or width. It's integrated, which means no separate attachments needed. It can be easily engaged or disengaged as needed. Many PFAFF® accessories and presser feet can be used with the original IDT™ System to ensure even seams with any stitch on any fabric.

Large Sewing Space

The sewing area to the right of the needle is 200mm, great for large sewing projects.

201 Built-in Stitches

A wide variety of beautiful 7mm stitches, including utility stitches, buttonholes, decorative stitches, quilt stitches, cross stitches and hemstitches.

4 Alphabets

Choose from up to four different font styles: Block, Outline, Script and Cyrillic letters. 

Large High-Resolution Screen

You can view your selections, options and stitch information including the recommended thread tension setting, on screen. All stitches are shown in actual size.

Touch Functionality

Allows easy acess to all stitches with the stylus on the screen. 

Bobbin Thread Sensor

Alerts you when the bobbin thread is running low. 

Start / Stop Button

Press the Start button to sew without the foot control. 

Speed Slider

Adjust the speed with the speed slider for full control. 

Programmed Tie-off with Indicator

Choose from one or several tie-off options. 

Twin Needle Program

Automatically adjusts the stitch width to prevent needle breakage. 

Stitch Width Safety

Limits stitch width to center needle straight stitch while using straight stitch needle plate and/or straight stitch foot to prevent needle breakage.


Lengthen satin stitches and entire stitch will be longer but the density remains the same. 

Save Personal Stitch

Change the settings of a built-in stitch to your personal preference and save it. 

3 LED Light Sources

Optimized bright lights illuminate your entire sewing area without shadows. 

PFAFF® Design

Built to make sewing easy and to achieve the professional results that sewers want. 

Free-motion Sewing

Simply attach the free-motion presser foot (included with quilt ambition™ 2.0 sewing machine) for easy quilting and free-motion embroidery.

External Feed Dog Drop

Lower the feed dogs for stippling, free-motion embroidery or darning. 

Extra-high Presser Foot Lift

Raises the presser foot to its highest position so that thick fabrics can be placed easily under the presser foot. 

Presser Foot Pressure

Can be adjusted for specialty techniques or when sewing on light or heavy fabric. 

Adjustable Thread Tension

Depending on the fabric, batting, thread, etc, the thread tension dial can be set to make the threads evenly meet between the two layers of fabric.

Needle Up / Down

Touch a button to set your needle to automatically stop up or down in the fabric for pivoting, appliqué and more. 

Immediate Tie-off

When selected the machine will tie-off automatically at the end of a seam for a quick and easy fnish. 

29 Needle Positions

Perfect for topstitching, quilting, inserting zippers and more. 

Mirror Image

Flip the stitch from side to side, and/or end to end, for more possibilities. (For ambition essential™ sewing machine side to side only)

4 Memories

For saving personal stitch combinations. 

20 Stitch Sequencing

Combine and save stitches and/or letters into a memory. 

Integrated Needle Threader

Makes threading the needle fast and easy. 

Stitch Plate

Markings to the left and right of needle help you guide your fabric. 

Snap-on / Snap-off Presser Feet

Changing is easy – no screw drivers or other tools are needed. 

Top Loaded Bobbin

Easy to access to the bobbin.

Permanent Reverse

Your hands are free to guide your fabric. 

Electronic Needle Piercing Power

Full piercing power at any speed with total control. 

Hard Cover

Protect your sewing machine when transporting it, and keep it dust free. 

Two Spool Pins

For twin needle sewing or specialty sewing. 

Accessory Tray

To use for storing accessories and bobbins. (Two compartments for ambition™ 1.0 and quilt ambition™ 2.0 sewing machines)


  • Standard Presser Foot 0A with IDT™ System
  • Fancy Stitch Foot 1A with IDT™ System
  • Fancy Stitch Foot 2A
  • Blindhem Foot 3 with IDT™ System
  • Zipper Foot 4 with IDT™ System
  • One Step Buttonhole Foot 5B
  • 1/4” Quilting Foot with IDT™ System
  • Open Toe Free-Motion Foot
  • Bobbins (5)
  • Felt Pad
  • Screwdriver For Needle Plate
  • Multi-purpose Tool
  • Spool Cap, Large (2)
  • Spool Cap, Small
  • Seam Ripper & Brush (as One)
  • Stylus
  • Edge Guide
  • Auxiliary Spool Pin
  • Foot Control
  • Power Cord
  • Needles
  • Hard Cover
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