Renaissance REN-1201-SWD - Single Head 12 Color Drop Table Embroidery Machines - Embroidery Area 800 x 500 mm

It can be used for flat embroidery, including bags and luggage, as well as for embroidery of caps and linen.

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With wide overhead room and a small sewing arm, Its perfect for embroidery on both bulky and small items. FREE Wilcom DecoStuido Embroidery Software

Renaissance machines incorporate state-of-the-art mechanical and electronic technology. It has its own operating system with an intuitive interface that allows changing embroidery patterns on the spot and editing digits and letters directly on the machine software without having to be edited and processed on a computer, eliminating the need for additional software where embroidering of texts is desired, thus allowing for increased work productivity. Embroidery patterns can be easily uploaded via a USB port directly from the flash drive, directly on the machine that reads DST and DSB formats.

It features a 20 cm LCD panel with easy-to-use and intuitive touchscreen. It has a silent motor under 85dB with low vibrations.


  • 1 embroidery head with 12/15 nedles
  • maximum embroidery area 80x50 cm perfect for large embroideries
  • automatic thread trimming
  • maximum sewing speed of 1000 stitches per minute
  • LCD display that shows real-time model execution and allows its processing directly on the machine
  • embroidery cap frame with 270 degrees angle
  • 3D design view for better visibility
  • USB port
  • automatic color change
  • automatic detection of thread breakage or termination
  • pre-modeling the model to be embroidered
  • the machine is capable of storing a total of 20 million stitches in memory (each model can be composed of 100 thousand stitches)
  • emergency stop button
  • multilingual menu
  • servo motor at 230V/50Hz with low energy consumption between 150-400 W/h
  • direct current servo motor at 36V for hoop moving on XY axis
  • automatic return to the point of origin after each embroidering
  • self-testing of various components of the embroidery machine to determine problems
  • simple maintenance that can be done with minimal training even by the operator
  • LED lamp for lighting
  • can be connected to the network or the internet
  • dimensions 104x92x160 cm
  • weight 185 Kg / ready to ship 230 Kg


  • 2 round hoops of 9 cm
  • 2 round hoops of 12 cm
  • 2 round hoops of 15 cm
  • 2 round hoops of 20 cm
  • 2 square hoops of 29x29 cm
  • 1 oval hoop of 54x35 cm
  • 2 cap rings
  • 1 cap hoops
  • toolbox and winder


  • Sequin device
  • Cording device
  • Boring device
  • Laser positioning system
  • Belt hoop (ribbons) and textile straps
  • Special 8-in-1 hoops for embroidering difficult items (pockets, collars, sleeves, trousers, stockings, bags etc.)
  • Sash frame and extended table 120x50 cm
  • Robot frame for shoes and purses
  • Camera positioning device
  • Magnetic hoops of diferrent sizes



Model REN-1201-SWD
Machine dimensions (L * B * H): 1035 x 920 x 850 mm
Weight d. Machine (kg): 185.00 kg
Number of heads: 1
Number of needles: 12
Guarantee: Yes 12 months
Thread Cutter: Yes
Embroidery field size (H x W in cm): 500 x 800 mm
Free arm: Yes
Cap frame: Yes
Thread monitor above: Yes
Threadguard below: Yes
Speed: 1000 stitches per minute
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