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ScotchBlue Painter's Tape, Delicate Surface, 1.88-Inch by 60-Yard

Quick Overview

  • The product is 1.88x60YD BLU Mask Tape

  • For Delicate Surfaces

  • The product is manufactured in China

  • Delivers sharp paint lines

  • Removes cleanly with no residue

  • Does not cause surface damage

  • Applies quickly and easily

  • Comes off the roll easily

Availability: In stock


2-3 Weeks


For use on smooth, delicate, water-based, solvent-based or stain surfaces such as freshly painted surfaces (24-hours old), vinyl coated wallpaper, primed wallboard, wood floors and faux painting. Clean removal time up to 60 days. Resistant to UV and sunlight. Not compatible with Lacquer coating or surfaces.

Achieve professional-quality paint jobs when you mask with ScotchBlue Advanced Delicate Surface painter's tape. Made for interior use, this painter's tape is well suited for smooth surfaces such as glass or vinyl-coated wallpaper, and its low adhesion lets you apply it to freshly painted surfaces without causing damage. Edge-Lock Protector technology blocks paint and yields remarkably sharp lines--great for painting striped walls or doing other precise work. This 60-yard roll of tape comes in different widths.

At a Glance
2080EL Painter's Tape
At a Glance:

  • Ideal for painting smooth, non-textured interior surfaces

  • Low adhesion lets you apply it to freshly painted areas

  • Edge-Lock Protector yields exceptionally sharp paint lines

  • UV- and sunlight-resistant
At a Glance

2080EL Painter's Tape
2080EL Painter's Tape
Apply ScotchBlue tape to floors, tiles, and other surfaces to achieve professional-looking paint jobs (click each to enlarge).
Ideal for Smooth and Freshly Painted Surfaces
ScotchBlue Advanced Delicate Surface painter's tape is designed for interior painting projects and is best suited for smooth, non-textured surfaces, including walls, ceilings, floors, cabinets, baseboards, and window and door trim. Because the tape has minimal adhesion, and it removes cleanly with no surface damage, it can be used on freshly painted surfaces (24 hours old or more) and other delicate surfaces. The low adhesion also lets you leave the tape in place for up to 60 days without any adhesive transfer, giving you extra time and flexibility for your painting projects.

Edge-Lock Protector for Sharp Lines
This product features ScotchBlue's advanced Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector technology, which is designed to keep out paint and produce exceptionally sharp paint lines for a brilliant look.

UV- and Sunlight-Resistant
Like all ScotchBlue products, ScotchBlue Advanced Delicate Surface painter's tape is UV-resistant to prevent tape breakdown and can be used in direct sunlight.

Available in Different Widths
Made in the United States, this 60-yard roll of tape is available in several widths, including 3/4-inch, 1-inch, 1-1/2-inch, and 2-inch. ScotchBlue's recognizable logo and colors make the tape easy to find in a drawer or tool box.

What's in the Box
One roll of ScotchBlue Advanced Delicate Surface painter's tape.

2080EL Painter's Tape 2080EL Painter's Tape 2080EL Painter's Tape 2080EL Painter's Tape
Unlike other tapes, ScotchBlue pulls cleanly away from a variety of surfaces without leaving residue (click each to enlarge).

Additional Information

Delivery Days 2-3 Weeks

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