Singer M2105 Sewing Machine

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  1. 8 Stitches
  2. Easy Stitch Selection
  3. Preset Stitch Lenght And Width
  4. Four-Step Button Hole 
  5. Quick And easy Threading 
  6. Full Metal Frame
  7. Lightweight And Portable
  8. Front Loading Bobbin
  9. Adjustable Thread Tension
  10. Stay Bright LED Light
  11. Extra-High Presser Foot Lift
  12. Free Arm
  • Set design lightweight , compact tidy and move up for easy transportation and storage
  • 8 road sewing essentials
  • The boat comes with bobbin winder - easily removable and winded
  • Easy defects with 4 pre-programmed steps
  • Frame metal type for long-term durability
  • The length and width of the stitches are preset to minimize the measurement

How consisting foot duck and the parts out the other :

  • Multipurpose propeller
  • Presser foot with zipper
  • Buttonhole duck
  • Buttoned duck
  • Sewing disc
  • Set of instructions for sewing edges and joining fabric
  • Backup needle set
  • Bobbin: Size 15 (transparent)
  • Surface removal tool
  • Fasteners with thread only
  • Seam cut / Lint brush
  • Umbrella cover with umbrella fabric
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