Steam Generator with Iron LELIT Auto5

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Advantages of PG AUTO 5:

    1. The boiler is made of inox stainless steel.
    2. 2 heating elements of 2000W each fully immersed in water, which provides a substantial energy savings.
    3. To achieve full autonomy of water injection - the ability to connect directly to the water supply.
    4. Vibrating pump.
    5. Switch "ready steam" to turn on the accessories and the warning light of the lack of water.
    6. 2 external solenoid valves to adjust the steam supply.
    7. 2 workplaces for connecting various types of accessories: PG series irons, PG036 / 5 brush-steamers, PG036 / 6 stain-remover gun, etc.
    8. Tap water drain for cleaning the boiler.
    9. Availability of wheels for easy transportation.


    1. Steam productivity 5.6 kg / h
    2. Package size 40x100x30 cm.
    3. Weight 22 kg
    4. Voltage 380 V / 50-60 Hz
    5. Boiler heating power 4000 W
    6. Power of the heating element of the iron 800W. x2
    7. Pressure during operation (average): 3.5 bar
    8. Boiler volume 5 liters.
    9. Total power 5600 W
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