Steam Generator with Iron LELIT PG 029 N

The boiler of the Lelit PG 029 N steam generator is made of stainless steel, with a visual indicator of the water level. 
Two copper heating elements 
4 safety systems: 
pressure switch 
thermostat with chip that controls the heating element 
water shortage thermostat 
boiler safety stopper with mechanical valve 
External electrovalve for steam regulation 
Industrial steam iron from Line FS with nylon mono-hose, weight 1.8 kg.

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Characteristics of the steam generator with iron Lelit PG 029 N:

Operating pressure: 3,5 bar 
Max. Pressure: 5,5 bar 
Nominal volume of the boiler: 5 l 
Actual volume: 3,7 l 
Boiler capacity: 2000 W 
Power of iron: 800 W 
Continuous running time: 1 hour 
Power type: 220-230 V 
Number of irons: 1

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Price AED2,215.00
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