Superior Invisible Threads Mono Poly 004, 2400yds - Clear

  • Quilting and Thread Painting
  • Heat resistant
  • Invisible Polyester Thread

MonoPoly Invisible Polyester Thread .004mm 2200yds. Color is Smoke Monofilament Polyester. For Quilting and Thread 
Painting. Heat resistant

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Monofilament thread, often called clear or invisible thread, is used to show off the quilting but not the thread. Most monofilament thread is made of nylon, not polyester, and is the same substance used in fishing line. Superior MonoPoly is made of polyester, not nylon. The advantages of polyester monofilament are numerous: Polyester has a much higher heat resistence than nylon. Polyester monofilament does not go brittle over time. Polyester monofilament does not discolor or "yellow" over time. Polyester is softer and more pliable than nylon, meaning it will lie better on and in the fabric. Thread size .004 Spool size: 2,400 yds.

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