Tandy Leather Table Top Lace Cutter 3112-00

  • Condition - New
  • Brand - Tandy Leather
  • Craft - Leathercraft
  • Product - Table Top Lace Cutter
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You are looking at one brand new Tandy Leathercraft Lace Cutter. This item 3112-00 cuts in multiples ranging from 1/8" wide up to 3" wide (3.2 mm to 7.6 cm). This is a manual feed cutter were you pull the leather threw. It will tend to curve on you for longer pieces so its good to pull straight. The conversion kit comes with it, allowing you to cut lace to 1/16" wide. This kit comes with 5 blades. It can hold up to 16 blades total. The replacement blades come in five packs and the product number is 3061-00. This table top cutter works well on lace, belts, braiding strips and fringe that is preferrably a firm 3-5 oz leather weight. This is a great way to speed up leather cutting with a nice straight edge. Thank you for looking.
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