The Prelude Spinning Wheel-Unfinished 45cm

On the opposite end of the size spectrum from the Symphony in our Saxony wheel line-up,  we have the Prelude. With all the same quality Kromski craftsmanship of its larger counterparts,  the Prelude offers a unique characteristic of compact portability to those who want a wheel reminiscent of the antique Saxony style but need the convenience of a small, transportable wheel for events like historical festivals and reenactmentS.

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Specifications :

Wheel Diameter

45cm (18 inches)

Orifice Circumference

10mm (3/8in.)

Standard Whorl Ratios

6, 10.5 and 13:1

Additional whorls

5.5, 7.9, 11, 14.5 & 16.5:1

Total Wheel weight

4kg (9 lbs)

5 years

Manufacturer Warrenty


  • Leather bearings on front and rear maiden
  • Durable brass sleeve bearings at wheel hub
  • Hushed plastic bearings in bobbins
  • Single Drive with Scotch Tension
  • Single Treadle


  • 2-Bobbin On-Board Lazy Kate
  • 3-bobbins (12og/4.2oz capacity)
  • Spining Wheel Oil
  • Threading Heel
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