Essential Seaming

  • Straight Stitch Machine: A2, 7000A, or DDL-8100
    (Used for constructing the main body of the abaya)

Reinforcing Stitching

  • Lockstitch Machine: J2000 or ST-560B
    (Used for sewing areas that require extra durability, such as seams and fastenings)

Embellishing with Embroidery

  • Computerized Embroidery Machine: Ricoma 1201-SWD
    (Used for adding intricate designs and personalized details to the abaya)

Precision Hemming

  • Overlock Machine or Blindstitch: MO-6704DA, Jack e3-4, or Jack e4s-3
    (Used for creating a neat, invisible hem on delicate fabrics)

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