Factory Tour

Eisenkolb is constantly evolving
, using the latest technologies to develop innovative solutions for new window covering combinations that designers and consumers want.

Pinch Pleat Curtains Manufacturing:


  • AGA-2300, AGA2300ST, or CCS-2300: These automatic cutting machines ensure accuracy and efficiency in cutting fabric for pinch pleat curtains. They precisely measure and cut the fabric to the required dimensions, minimizing waste and ensuring consistent size and shape for all curtain panels.


  • Lockstitch: CCP-2300: Constructs the main body of the curtains. This machine provides strong and precise seams, forming the foundation of high-quality pinch pleat curtains.
  • Overlock: ACP-2300: Finishes raw edges and creates durable seams. The overlock machine ensures the fabric remains intact and fray-free, enhancing the longevity and durability of your curtains.
  • Blind-stitch: BCP-2300: Creates a neat, invisible hem. This machine provides a clean and professional finish, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the curtains without visible stitching lines.

Pleating & Hook Insertion:

  • Single Pleat: EPS-2200: Automates the process of creating single pleats and inserting hooks, ensuring uniformity and saving significant time compared to manual pleating.
  • Double Pleat: MPS-2600: Specializes in forming double pleats with precision, adding hooks efficiently to maintain a consistent and elegant appearance throughout the curtain.
  • Triple Pleat: PPS-2300: Automates the creation of triple pleats and hook insertion, ensuring consistent results and enhancing the decorative appeal of your pinch pleat curtains.


  • DEKO-2000: This finishing machine provides a polished and professional look to your completed pinch pleat curtains, perfecting the final product and ensuring it meets high-quality standards.
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