T-Shirt Manufacturing:

  • Sew Label: DDL-7000A, A2, or 9000C
    (These straight-stitch machines ensure precise and professional label attachment for branding and sizing.)
  • Run Stitch: DDL-7000A, A2, 5550, or 8100
    (Versatile machines for constructing the main body of the t-shirt, creating strong and even seams.)
  • Shoulder Attaching: MO-6814S or Jack 4-Thread Overlock
    (Overlock machines create durable and flexible seams for joining shoulder pieces.)
  • Side Closing: MO-6814S or Jack 4-Thread Overlock
    (Overlock machines also provide neat and strong side seams for a professional finish.)
  • Tape/Neck Binding: Jack W4-D-01GBX356 or MF7523U11B56
    (Specialized machines for applying tape or binding to necklines, ensuring a comfortable and polished finish.)
  • Sleeve Hemming: K5 or MF7923U11B56
    (These machines create consistent and neat hems on sleeves, contributing to a high-quality look.)
  • Bottom Hemming: K5 or MF7923U11B56
    (Similar to sleeve hemming, these machines ensure a professional finish for the bottom hem of the t-shirt.)

For T-Shirts with Collars:

  • Button Attaching: LK-1903SS or JK-1377-A
    (These machines automate the button attaching process for efficiency and consistent results.)
  • Button Hole: LBH-1790-S or JK-T-781
    (These machines create precise and professional buttonholes for a perfect fit and clean look.)

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