Juki MF7923U11B56 Cylinder Arm Industrial Coverstitch Sewing Machine (Complete Set) (2 Months Lead Time After 100% Advance Payment Received)

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Juki MF7923U11B56 Cylinder arm industrial coverstitch sewing machine with needle position

The Juki MF-7523 machine is a cover stitch machine that is ideal for sewing sportswear or hemming t-shirts. This machine is a cylinder arm machine, this allows you to reach every little corner of your material and makes sewing sleeves a lot easier.  This model is the latest to enter the MF series, which means it has been built with the latest Technology inside it to provide the operator with a maximum assist to make the job as easy as possible. One of these key features is the micro lift mechanism. This allows you to sew delicate materials with the presser foot only slightly raised, meaning that the material will not get damaged but will still lessen the slippage of the material. Compared to a regular Juki, this model also has improved responsiveness to stretchy materials. This MF7523 has much better seam quality. Some key specifications of this machine are that the needle bar stroke can be set up to 31mm, it is automatically lubricated, and the presser foot can be lifted by 5mm.  It also comes with a silent servo motor, meaning that you can sew with less noise being made, so your work environment will be less stressful. This machine also comes built with a needle position. This allows you to maximize production during sewing. It is located on the balance wheel and can be adjusted using the main electronic box. It gives the operator the option of having the needle being either raised in the upmost position or the lowest position possible. Then, when you are done sewing with a material, you can use the heel of your foot to press down on the pedal and it will raise the needle.   

This machine comes complete with:
Machine head 
Stand on wheels
Silent servo motor 
Original Juki high-quality tabletop 

Lead time: 2 Months of production and transit time after 100% Advance payment received. (Payment terms are negotiable)