Postpay is a payment solution that allows customers to ‘buy now, pay later’ seamlessly with absolutely zero interest and no fees.

Select Postpay on checkout and we split your total purchase into three equal instalments. The first instalment (33%) is processed immediately and we ship your order to you as normal, so you can enjoy now and pay later.

The remaining two instalments are due every month thereafter. Absolutely zero fees are charged as long as all repayments are processed successfully on time. So in short, at the end of the two months you only pay for what you ordered!

If you want to pay off your instalments early, you can do so at absolutely no extra cost.

Anyone who is over 18 years old and have a valid Emirates ID Card and UAE mobile number.

Select "Instalments with Postpay" on checkout.

There is absolutely no interest and zero fees when using Postpay.
The limit of installments is AED 5,000. Customers cannot exceed this limit.

Postpay will process the payment at the same time the order was placed on the agreed date. However, if the payment is failed due to insufficient funds, postpay will try again on the next day. If it did not go through, then a late fee of AED 25.00 applies. If 10 days after the due date payment is still unsuccessful, another AED 30.00 will be charged. You will be notified by email if your payment was unsuccessful, you will also be sent a reminder prior to us processing the payment so that you have time to manage the payment or process with a different card.

Postpay accepts all major Mastercard and Visa debit and credit cards.

Customers are not able to move the repayment dates for their instalments.
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