MEIFU Triple Combination 360 Rotary (Rotating Head) Sewing + Embroidery + Special Hole Punching Machine

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The MEIFU Triple Combination 360 Rotary Machine is perfect for industries that need a versatile machine capable of multiple tasks, including sewing, embroidery, and special hole punching. This machine is designed to meet the demands of industries where precision, flexibility, and efficiency are crucial.

Key features include:

  • 360-Degree Rotary Head: The rotary head allows for seamless transitions between sewing, embroidery, and special hole-punching tasks. This flexibility is ideal for complex patterns and intricate designs.

  • Heavy-Duty Needle Bars: With these needle bars, the machine delivers powerful and consistent performance, capable of handling heavy fabrics and leatherwork.

  • Nine-Color Embroidery Head: The machine has a nine-color embroidery head with automatic color change, providing a wide range of color options for detailed embroidery work. This feature is especially valuable in the apparel and textile industries.

  • Customizable Punch Needles: Users can customize the shape and size of punch needles, allowing for unique designs and patterns. This adaptability is perfect for industries requiring precision and creativity.

  • Safety Features: With a durable table and safety light curtain, the machine ensures operator safety while delivering efficient and precise results.

Industries that can benefit from this machine include:

  • Apparel and Embroidery: The embroidery head's versatility and the machine's sewing capabilities are ideal for creating detailed designs and garments.

  • Leatherworking: The heavy-duty structure and customizable punch needles make this machine perfect for working with leather, including cutting and hole-punching.

  • Automotive and Upholstery: The machine's rotary functions and specialized punch needles are suitable for creating intricate patterns on car seats and other upholstery materials.

Overall, the MEIFU Triple Combination 360 Rotary Machine is a comprehensive solution for industries that require a machine capable of handling a wide range of tasks with precision and efficiency.