Juki DDL-5550 Lockstitch Sewing Machine Complete Set
The Juki DDL-5550 Industrial Straight Stitch Sewing Machine does exactly what it says on the industrial levels of sewing with one, straight stitch. It has a servo motor for guaranteed consistent stitching even at speeds of 5,500 stitches per minute....
Dhs. 3,000.00 Dhs. 2,712.00
JANOME 7034D Magnolia 3/4 Thread Overlock Machine
Janome Serger sturdy design and precise Janome stitch mechanism ensures beautiful 3/4 thread operation. And the fact that it doesn't take up much space makes it an easy fit for your sewing room.  The Janome 7034D Magnolia give you the Janome quality you...
Dhs. 970.00 Dhs. 963.00
Janome 2212 Sewing Machine
Dhs. 520.00 Dhs. 499.00
Janome 2212 Sewing Machine
The Janome 2212 is lightweight stitching machine and easy to use. It is the perfect handheld sewing machine for the beginner and the price is just right!  This mechanical machine features 12 inbuilt stitches, advanced features on this sewing machine like free...
Dhs. 520.00 Dhs. 499.00
JUKI DDL-8100E 1-Needle, Lockstitch Sewing Machine (Complete Set)
Features: 1-needle (134 needle system) Drop-feed Energy-efficient servo motor High-speed sewing performance (4,500 sti/min) Stitch length adjustment up to 5mm Automatic lubrication system The Juki DDL-8100e is a 1-needle, drop-feed, lockstitch machine. The Juki DDL-8100e is supplied fully assembled, complete with...
Dhs. 1,725.00
Renaissance REN-1201T-7S - Single Head 12 Needle (Color) Drop Table Embroidery Machine with 7" Touch Screen Control Panel
12 needles, Single head, suitable for flat bed embroidery, cap/hat embroidery, finished garments embroidery and more. Perfect for home and commercial embroidery. Maximum embroidery area: 550 x 350 mm, or 22 inches x 14 inches. Automatic thread trimmer. Maximum speed 1200...
Dhs. 35,000.00 Dhs. 27,000.00
A4E Direct Drive (Quiet) Computerized Lockstitch Machine (Complete Set)
This machine comes with an energy saving speed adjustable silent motor, proven to save up to 20% electricity when compared with a standard motor! With its unique design, the Jack A4E is at the top of the range when it comes...
Dhs. 3,250.00
Ricoma RCM-1201-SWD, Single Head 12-Needle Embroidery Machine (2 Months Lead time after 100% Advance payment received)
Models: SWD-1201-8S Needles: 12 Heads: 1 Net weight: 185 kilograms [408 lbs] Gross weight: 230 kilograms [507 lbs] EMB. area: 800mm x 500mm [ 32” x 20” ] Size: L: 1,035mm W: 920mm H: 1,600mmL: 40” W: 36” H: 63”...
Dhs. 31,500.00
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