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Our consulting helps factories maximize production, efficiency, and profitability through intelligent apparel manufacturing machinery solutions.

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My Sewing Mall is committed to providing our customers with the most innovative and comprehensive solutions that help you outperform your competitors. Our team of experts has extensive experience and knowledge, providing you with unmatched service to maximize your success rate.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Textiles

We have experience with a variety of machines – manual, computerized and robotic and are knowledgeable in the newest stitching technologies. Automate your entire workflow with tailored automation solutions. This allows you better control, more dependable results and increased efficiency.

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Stay ahead of the competition with Flexible, Cost Effective Solutions

Our flexible solutions offer you maximum returns at your price point. Our team of professionals has the skillset to optimize your sewing processes and design your strategies in a way that sets you apart from your competitors. We’ll have your needs covered!

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We have a wealth of experience and expertise that we can bring to bear on your project, ensuring that your manufacturing meets the mark.

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