Upholstery (Furniture)

  • Sew Arm Piping: LU-1508 or LU-1560
    (These specialized machines are designed to sew piping onto furniture arms, creating a clean and professional finish.)
  • Run-Stitch: LU-1508, LU-1560, or DU-1181 & H2
    (These machines are essential for general sewing tasks like attaching fabric panels and creating basic seams on furniture upholstery.)
  • Top Stitching: PLC-2710 or PLC-2760
    (These machines are designed for decorative top stitching, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to furniture upholstery.)
  • Piping Seat: LU-1508 or LU-1560
    (Similar to arm piping, these machines are used to sew piping onto seat cushions, providing a polished and finished look.)

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