Children's Clothing Manufacturing

  • Neck Binding: MF7523 or W4-D-01GB
    (These specialized machines efficiently attach binding to necklines, ensuring a comfortable and neat finish for children's garments.)
  • Sleeve Hemming: K5-D-01GB or MF7523
    (These machines create consistent and precise hems on delicate sleeve fabrics, ensuring a professional and polished look.)
  • Sleeve Joining: E3 4-Thread or MO-6814
    (Overlock machines provide durable and flexible seams for attaching sleeves to garments, allowing for comfortable movement.)
  • Side Seaming: E3 4-Thread or MO-6814
    (Overlock machines are also ideal for creating strong and neat side seams on children's clothing.)
  • Button Attaching: LK-1903ss or T1377E
    (These machines automate button attachment, ensuring secure and consistent results for children's garments.)
  • Cuff Attaching: A2 or 7000A
    (Straight stitch machines are used for attaching cuffs to sleeves, providing a classic and tailored look.)
  • Bottom Stitch Hemming: Tony H-101
    (This specialized hemming machine creates a precise and even hem on the bottom of garments, ensuring a professional finish.)
  • Neck - Coverseam: MF7523 or W4-D-01GB
    (Coverseam machines create a durable and stretchy seam that covers raw edges, ideal for necklines and other areas that require flexibility.)

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