Denim Manufacturing:

  • Belt Stitching: A5 or 7000A
    (These heavy-duty straight stitch machines handle thick denim fabric and create strong, reliable belt loops.)
  • Coin Pocket Stitching: 8558G
    (This specialized machine is designed for sewing the small, intricate coin pockets commonly found on denim jeans.)
  • Pocket Stitching: E3 3-Thread or MO-6804
    (Overlock machines provide durable and flexible seams for constructing pockets, ensuring they can withstand wear and tear.)
  • J Stitch: JK-58450J or LH-3568
    (These specialized machines create the iconic J-shaped stitching found on denim back pockets, adding a classic touch.)
  • Bartacking Operations: JK-T1900G
    (Bartacking machines reinforce stress points on denim garments, such as pocket corners and belt loop attachments, preventing them from unraveling.)
  • Run (Side) Stitch: E3 5-Thread or MO-6816S
    (Overlock machines with 5 threads provide a secure and durable seam for joining the side seams of denim jeans.)
  • Bottom Stitch Hemming: A4 or 7000A
    (Straight stitch machines are used to create a clean and even hem on the bottom of denim jeans.)
  • Feed Off the Arm (Side Closing): JK-T9280D or MS1261
    (These machines allow for easy sewing of closed circular seams, such as the inseams of denim jeans.)
  • Pattern Sewer (Back Pocket & Label Attaching): AMS-221 or JK-T2210
    (These programmable sewing machines can sew intricate patterns and designs, such as back pocket designs and label attachments, adding unique details to your denim garments.)

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