JACK A2 Automatic Trimmer Lockstitch Machine (Complete Set)

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The Jack A2 is a standard industrial straight stitch machine with a direct drive motor, it has a maximum sewing speed of 5000 stitches per minute, however this can be adjusted on the speed control panel. This is the perfect machine if you need a no fuss, basic industrial machine for lightweight to medium heavy fabrics.

Features - Auto Cutter

- Direct drive, silent motor

- Power saving lockstitch machine

- Straight stitch - Reverse lever

- Automatic dormancy function

- Suitable for light to medium heavy fabrics

- 5mm stitch length

- 5mm presser foot lift (by hand)

- 13mm presser foot lift (by knee)

- DB X 1 Needle code

- Thread Cutter Upgrade

- LED light - Safety Switch

- High Voltage Protection

- Smart Panel which adjusts speed, needle position and reset

- Sewing Speed of 5000 spm.