JACK A2B Lockstitch With Automatic Thread Trimmer

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New generation of lockstitch sewing machine, with automatic thread trimmer and manual bartack lever. Detached oil pan and integrated motor. The thread trimmer improves 30% of productivity such as speed and thread length. Multifunction panel with quick keys to activate or deactivate functions.

At the end of the seam it is possible to activate the automatic thread cutting function which activates a knife with the simple heel counter of the pedal.

Thanks to the automatic thread trimmer, efficiency is increased by 30%, thus increasing production capacity and ensuring faster delivery of works.

Quickly activate functions such as automatic cutting without any mechanical adjustment, or select needle up / needle down at the end of the seam with a click. On the head there is also the stitch to stitch button.

On a normal machine without thread trimmer, you have to cut it by hand leaving the tail of the thread about 7cm long. With A2B the remainder is only 4 cm ... almost half!

Expand the range of applications: this machine is suitable for various types of fabrics, such as shirts and jeans. The maximum recommended thickness is 10mm.

3 levels of intensity, offers omnidirectional brightness, reduce eyestrain.