Juki AMS221EHL2516 Pattern Stitching Machine (Complete Set) (2 Months Lead Time After 100% Advance Payment Received)

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Installation (Assembled)

New technologies have helped the AMS Series increase “productivity,” achieve ”energy conservation” in consideration of the global environment, and further improve “quality.”

The machine achieves excellent seam quality by the use of the "active tension" and the "intermediate-presser height adjusting function", which are two of the superior features of the AMS221EN Series.

The AMS-221EN has adopted, as its operation panel, the IP-420 which has a large color liquid crystal touch panel. The color LCD unit displays sewing data such as stitch shape, needle thread tension, enlargement/reduction ratio, sewing speed and the number of stitches at a glance. In addition, the machine supports USB, allowing for the use of various USB thumb drives and media. (SD Card, CompactFlash, Smart Media, Floppy disks)

The AMS-221EN is an economically-efficient model which has been designed to reduce power consumption. The sewing machine has adopted a direct-drive system by means of a compact AC servomotor that is excellent in energy transmission to drive the main shaft, and has adopted an encoder-control system which drives the stepping motor with a minimum of power in accordance with the material thickness and stitch length to control the X-Y drive mechanism, thereby reducing power consumption.

The pocket style jig can be quickly changed in a short time. The price of the pocket style jig itself is low, thereby supporting a small-lot production system. The PLASTIC BLANK (an option) is separately available. The pocket style jig can be made of the blank in your plant according to the pocket shape.

Lead time: 2 Months of production and transit time after 100% Advance payment received. (Payment terms are negotiable)