Eisenkolb AGA-2300ST: Automatic Vertical Curtain Height Cutting Machine with Foldout Slanted Worktable

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The Eisenkolb AGA-2300ST is an advanced automatic vertical curtain height cutting machine, designed for precision and efficiency in curtain production. Featuring a foldout slanted worktable, this machine is perfect for window covering manufacturers seeking to streamline their production processes.

Key Features:

  1. Dual Lifting Beams: The machine comes standard with two lifting beams: a double lifting beam for attaching the lining with spring clamps or the lower hem, and a single lifting beam for attaching the lining via the lower hem. This setup ensures precise and efficient cutting and alignment.

  2. Electric Extendable Table: Equipped with a Buckram tape dispenser, the extendable table finishes the top edge of the curtain, adding convenience and improving workflow.

  3. User-Friendly Operation: The free-standing console with a multi-lingual LCD touch screen simplifies operation, allowing users to easily control and adjust machine settings.

  4. Adjustable Cutting Speed: Features adjustable cutting speed and an extra tension function to achieve optimal cutting results, accommodating various fabric types and thicknesses.

  5. Customizable Machine Height: The machine height is made to order based on available space, with a maximum height of 615 cm, ensuring it fits seamlessly into any production setup.

  6. Available Widths: The AGA-2300ST is available in two widths, accommodating 4 panels and 5 panels, providing flexibility for different production needs.

  7. Versatile AGA Mode: The machine can also operate in AGA mode, where only one beam is active, and the table function is deactivated, offering versatility in its application.

  8. Optional Foot Pedal: An optional foot pedal is available to move both lifting beams, facilitating the finishing of edge seams and enhancing operator efficiency.

  9. Optional Barcode Interface: Allows for the input of cutting height, streamlining data management and integration.

  10. High Production Capacity: The AGA-2300ST can produce up to 40 panels per hour*, significantly boosting productivity and efficiency.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 741 or 891 cm wide, height made to order
  • Electric: 220 V, 1 phase, 1350 W, 16 A
  • Air: 5 bar, 3 L per cycle

The Eisenkolb AGA-2300ST is a powerful and versatile curtain height cutting machine, designed to meet the demanding needs of professional window covering manufacturers. Its advanced features, robust construction, and ergonomic design make it an invaluable asset in any production setup.