Eisenkolb PLS-2300: Programmable X-Y Laser Cutting and Marking System

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The Eisenkolb PLS-2300 is a state-of-the-art programmable X-Y laser cutting and marking system, designed for precision and efficiency in fabric processing. Ideal for window covering manufacturers, this advanced machine offers a large cutting surface, high-speed operation, and multiple optional features to enhance productivity and quality.

Key Features:

  1. Firestar 80 W Air-Cooled High-Speed Cutting Laser: This powerful laser ensures precise and clean cuts, enhancing the overall quality and consistency of the finished products.

  2. 180 Micron UV Ink Marker Unit: Enables fast and accurate marking of hems and ring positions, streamlining the production process and ensuring precision.

  3. Large Cutting and Marking Surface: With a cutting and marking width of 320 cm and a customer-specified length in sections of 150 cm, the PLS-2300 offers a substantial working area, accommodating large blinds and multiple smaller items simultaneously.

  4. Variable Adjustable 0-Point with Laser Pointer: Eases the positioning of the cutting laser, ensuring accurate and consistent cuts every time.

  5. Servo-Controlled Movement: Provides a high degree of accuracy in the cutting and marking process, maintaining the quality and precision of the finished products.

  6. Low-Power Alignment Laser: Helps to square panels and patterns, ensuring that all cuts are precise and correctly aligned.

  7. Optional Features:

    • Exhaust Ventilation with Activated Carbon Filter: Maintains a clean and safe working environment by removing fumes and particles.
    • Barcode Interface: Allows for the import of .txt, .dxf files, and .xls table reading, facilitating efficient data management and integration.
  8. High Production Capacity: The PLS-2300 can produce 15-20 Roman blinds per hour*, significantly boosting productivity.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 450 cm wide, length built to order
  • Electric: 380 V, 3 phase, 7500 W, 16 A
  • Air: 5 bar, 1 L per cycle

The Eisenkolb PLS-2300 is a versatile and efficient laser cutting and marking system, designed to meet the demanding needs of professional window covering manufacturers. Its advanced features, robust construction, and ergonomic design make it an invaluable asset in any production setup.