Eisenkolb PPS-2300: Fully Automatic Single/Double/Triple Pleating and Microflex Hook Insertion Machine

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The Eisenkolb PPS-2300 is an advanced fully automatic pleating and hook insertion machine, designed to streamline the production of high-quality curtains with precision and efficiency. Ideal for window covering manufacturers, this machine offers versatile pleating options and a robust set of features to enhance productivity.

Key Features:

  1. Brother X-Y Feed Lockstitch Sewing Machine: Equipped with a pre-programmed sewing system capable of creating curtain pleats ranging from 6 to 12.5 cm in width, ensuring consistent and high-quality pleats.

  2. User-Friendly Interface: The machine features a touch screen interface with a help function, allowing operators to pre-program the machine visually. It also includes remote access for technical assistance, minimizing downtime.

  3. Pleat Calculation Module: This module easily calculates and sets the desired pleat depths and distances. The patented pleat calculation program positions seams as desired, either inside or next to the pleat.

  4. Computer-Operated Folding Station: Automates the folding of single, double, or triple pleats. The folded pleats can be secured with L- or spot tacks as desired, ensuring precise and secure pleating.

  5. Nexio Touch Screen: Simplifies the selection of desired speed or thread tension, providing full control over the pleating process.

  6. Automatic Microflex Hook Feed System: The fully automatic feed system includes hook height selection in 5 mm increments and a 100-hook container, streamlining the insertion process.

  7. Needle Cooling: Ensures optimal performance with difficult fabrics, maintaining the quality and precision of the pleats.

  8. Pleat Specifications:

    • Pleat Depth: 17-40 mm
    • Pleat Distance: 80-188 mm
    • Maximum Pleat Thickness: 18 mm
  9. Optional Features:

    • Indexer System: Allows curtain fabrics to be transported automatically into the machine, enhancing efficiency.
    • Barcode Interface: Facilitates the input of data, improving data management and integration.
  10. High Production Capacity: The PPS-2300 can produce up to 200 single, double, or triple pleats per hour*, significantly boosting productivity.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 160 x 70 cm
  • Electric: 220 V, 1 phase, 1000 W, 16 A
  • Air: 5 bar, 5 L per cycle

The Eisenkolb PPS-2300 is a versatile and efficient pleating and hook insertion machine, tailored to meet the rigorous demands of professional window covering manufacturers. Its advanced features, robust construction, and ergonomic design make it an invaluable asset in any production setup.