Jack (A5E-A) AMH Artificial Intelligence Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine (Complete Set)

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Jack (A5E-A) AMH Artificial Intelligence Lockstitch machine with Artificial intelligence chip Auto Tissue Adaptive System; it senses fabric changes in real time and communicates them to the new powerful motor capable of punching up to 100 sheets of A4 paper thanks to the 15% increase in torque and power.

Artificial Intelligence Chip (AI)

It senses material change in real time, comparing 200,000 data patterns 10,000 times per second and sending them to the engine.

Ultra Powerful Motor

Remarkable 15% increasing power reaches 8.4Nm of torque, allowing you to sew heavier materials without thread breakage and lighter materials without puckering.

A New Pannel

Fully digital machine: automatic thread trimmer with short cut, digital silent bar tack, digital presser foot lifter, digital stitch length, voice guide, ornamental patterns sewing and other standard functions.


The adaptive fabric system (AMH) thanks to the AI chip allows you to sew heavy, light and elastic fabrics without having to make adjustments.


Punchering Power

The new ultra-powerful motor allows to penetrate up to 10 layers of jeans and more than 100 A4 paper sheets.

Digital Presser Foot Lifter

Presser foot lift digitally controlled by a stepper motor. It is possible with one click to adjust up to 13 levels from the panel.

No Oil

The oil pan is sealed and prevents the entry of dust, keeping the machine clean and resistant, ensuring perfect lubrication.

305mm Big Space Underarm

Large working space, easy job insertion, even quilts, quilted jackets and small sewing programs can be sewn without any problems.