Jack A6F, Direct Drive, Needle Feed Industrial Sewing Machine (Complete Set)

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The JACK A6F sewing machine is a multi-functional industrial sewing machine that is commonly used in garment manufacturing and other sewing-related industries. This machine can handle a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, denim, leather, and synthetic materials, making it a versatile machine for different types of sewing applications.

With fully automated needle feed lockstitch machine, an integrated, energy saving Direct Drive motor comes installed in the head which guarantees a reliable and quiet operation. The machine head itself comes with a computerized operation panel that is easy to operate with voice guide (English, Chinese) and a 3-level LED light, making intricate work more convenient.

The A6F also has automatic functions such as auto thread trimming and needle positioning as well as an auto presser foot lifter, the electronic thread tension is equipped as standard.

Complete with head, Integrated Direct Drive Motor, Wheel stand and Table.


Fully Automatic lockstitch machine 
Auto thread trimming (keeps bottom thread within 3mm after trimming to get perfect stitching)
Auto reverse
Auto backtack
Electronic thread tension 
Cooling fan for motor (prolongs motor life)
Direct drive 
Reduction in noise and vibration 
Adjustable LED brightness
USB Port to update software
Needle Feed Machine (Needle rotates from front to back whilst moving up and down to improve feeding of fabric)
Specialised feeding keeps fabric smooth without wrinkles and layers offset.
Good for yarn, chiffon and silk fabrics
Sealed oil pan (avoids leakage onto fabrics)
Large work space useful for jackets, shirts and suits 
Control Panel that is touch sensitive
Voice guide (can be turned off)
Reset and Oil alarm function (oil alarm goes off when it needs refilling)
DBX1 Needle System
4.5 mm max stitch length 
5 mm presser foot lift (by hand)
13mm presser foot lift (by auto-footlifter)
4000 spm