Jack E4S-3 Overlock, 3 Thread Industrial Over Lock Machine (Complete Set)

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The JACK E4S, 3 thread overlock machine is used to sew and finish seams in one step. It uses three threads to create a stitch that simultaneously trims, sews, and finishes the edge of the fabric.

It can also be used to create decorative stitches, such as rolled hems, picot edges, and flatlock seams. It is a fast and efficient machine that can save time in the sewing process and produce professional-looking results.


3 Thread, High Speed, Direct Drive, Power Saving Overlock Machine equipped with:

  • Servo motor saving 71% of the Power / 459RMB per year.
  • Optimized thread take-up mechanisms perfecting sewing stitches.
  • Fully enclosed needle bar oil return device that prevents oil leakages and makes the machine more durable.
  • Integrated handwheel design with a large fan and low noise, this machine is easy to operate and has the optimum cooling effect on the motor.
  • Operational Panel is easy to understand with one key to reset function that is trouble-free.

Advanced Mechanical Platform

With improved and advanced platform, E4 completely integrates servo motor, control box and panel into the machine head, which gives unique and extraordinary vision

Intelligent Functions, Smart Panel 

With smart dormancy function, machine will enter into dormant state if stop running more than 30 min.

Integrated Oil System, Avoiding Oil Leakage

Enclosed needle bar mechanism with integrated oil-filtering, oil-supplying and oil-returning system avoids oil leakage

Larger Feeding Space 

Presser foot height increases to 27mm ensures larger feeding space