Jack E3-5, 5 Thread Industrial Over Lock Machine (Complete Set)

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The Jack E3, 5 thread sewing machine can sew, overcast, and trim seams all in one pass. It uses five threads to create a strong, secure seam that is ideal for sewing knit fabrics, woven fabrics, and other stretchy materials.

Compared to a 3-thread overlock machine, the 5-thread overlock machine offers more versatility and strength to your sewing projects, making it a great investment for those who want to create high-quality, durable garments.

5 Thread, High Speed, Direct Drive, Power Saving Overlock Machine equipped with:

  • 3×5 gauge 5 Thread
  • Servo motor saving 71% of the Power / 459RMB per year.
  • Optimized thread take-up mechanisms perfecting sewing stitches.
  • Fully enclosed needle bar oil return device that prevents oil leakages and makes the machine more durable.
  • Integrated handwheel design with a large fan and low noise, this machine is easy to operate and has the optimum cooling effect on the motor.
  • Operational Panel is easy to understand with one key to reset function that is trouble-free.