JACK H2, Walking Foot, Direct Drive, Industrial Sewing Machine (Complete Set)

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The JACK H2 , walking foot direct drive industrial sewing machine is used for heavy-duty sewing tasks that require precision and power.

The walking foot mechanism of the machine feeds multiple layers of fabric through the machine at the same time, ensuring that the layers do not slip or shift during sewing.

The direct drive system of the machine eliminates the need for a separate motor and clutch, resulting in a more efficient and quieter sewing process. It also allows for more precise speed control and reduces energy consumption.


Comes as standard with an energy saving speed adjustable silent motor, proven to save upto 20% electricity when compared with a continuos running clutch motor.

Providing stable sewing without oil staining, offering excellent durability.

This machine has a large capacity bobbin which holds twice as much thread when comparing to any normal bobbin.

Ideal for medium & heavy work with fabrics such as leather, vinyls, synthetics plus more.

Recommend for upholstery, car trimming, boat covers & awnings, sails, tents, handbags etc.

Straight Stitch
Walking Foot
Direct Drive (Electronic) Internal Motor
Needle Position Up & Down Function
Adjustable Speed Control on Switch
Integral Bobbin Winder
Built In LED Light
Self Oiling
Sewing Speed (2500 spm)
Adjustable Stitch Length (0 - 8mm)
Presser Lift Height (6mm/13mm)
Needle Bar Stroke (37)
Knee Lift
Reverse/Back Tack
Needle System (135x17)
Single Phase 240v 13 amp (can be used at home)