Jack JK-T1377E Integrated Electronic Button Attaching Machine (Complete Set)

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Installation (Assembled)

Jack Button sewing machine JK-T1377E with automatic thread trimming and presser foot lifting. Stitch shape (for buttons with 4 holes) can quickly be changed over between parallel or “cross”, without replacing the cams. We change the type of stitching using the lever located on the machine head. All sewing parameters can be easily programmed on a readable control panel located in the machine head.

  • Lower feed dog synchronic feeding, Both soft thin fabric and thick fabric with strong bite cloths can be feeded smoothly, Avoiding mismatch.
  • Through the expanding adjustment of slope for up and down feed dog and differential rate, The sewing for all kinds of fabric can be adjusted to the best condition.
  • Fully enclosed needle bar structure and needle bar surface DLC processing, Improve the wearability of the needle bar.
  • Adjustable brightness guarantees the threading precision without any stimulation to eyes.
  • Easy to install and maintain, Saving space


Model: JK-T1377
Needle: TQx1 #16 (#14-#18)
Needle: #1
Thread: #1
Height of Presser FT(mm): 9
Sewing Speed: 1400 Dyg / min
Side Cutting Function: 1/4″ – 3/4″
Button Hole Sizing: x (2.5-6.5) y(2.5-6.5)