MEIFU Triple Combination 360 Rotary (Rotating Head) Sewing + Embroidery + Special Hole Punching Machine

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Introducing our innovative all-in-one punching, embroidery, and sewing machine, where pattern design knows no bounds. Seamlessly integrating these intricate processes, it simplifies complex operations effortlessly. With six types of specialized hole rotating punchers and heavy-duty needle bars allowing for 360-degree rotation, this machine delivers unparalleled punching force, speed, and precision, ensuring pristine leather cutting.

Tailored for versatility, it accommodates custom-shaped punch needles, empowering users to design shapes and sizes at will. Featuring a nine-color embroidery machine head with automatic color change, a rotating jumbo hook, and built-in thread breakage alarms, it guarantees uninterrupted embroidery. The 360-degree rotating lifting sewing machine head, driven independently, tracks stitches flawlessly, eliminating discrepancies between positive and negative stitches.

Imported from Japan, the rotary hook boasts exceptional wear resistance, while a durable table and safety light curtain prioritize operator safety. Experience efficiency, precision, and safety redefined with our state-of-the-art integrated machine.